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The Arrangement of Space (Gibbs Smith, 1991)

The Arrangement of Space cover

Martha Collins' second book, The Arrangement of Space, won the Peregrine Smith Poetry Contest. Currently out of print, it is available online from the Contemporary American Poetry Archive.

About The Arrangement of Space

  • The Arrangement of Space consists of three poetic sequences:
  • —Women in American Literature: An Introduction
  • —A Book of Days
  • —Six Suites

Rich with lyric music and luminous with thought, The Arrangement of Space further establishes Martha Collins' important role in American poetry. "This is the day / the world of dream re-enters the world / where I live," she writes; in her poems, dream and world, image and idea, sound and sense merge into what she calls "a brilliantly opened and entered / and living space." This is the work of a poet blessed with a fierce intelligence and marked by a troubling imagination. In The Arrangement of Space, Martha Collins discovers a voice for "the holiest ghost / of the word that was, that was to be—" and that is a voice serious readers will not want to ignore.

"Martha Collins' poems are excellent, musical, a little quirky, and endlessly fascinating. The Arrangement of Space will prove a durable and fascinating companion."

—Bill Matthews

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