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Night Unto Night: Poems (Milkweed)

Night Unto Night cover

Six sequences, each written during a single month, focusing on time, mortality, love, war, and other news of the world. A continuation of Day Unto Day (2014).

Night Unto Night is a collection of six poetic sequences, each composed of 28, 30, or 31 short sections or poems. During one month each year, for twelve years, Collins wrote several lines each day—usually six or seven, though the form changed slightly each month. The first six months were published as Day Unto Day (Milkweed, 2014); Night Into Night brings together the last six, and is not so much a sequel to the earlier book as a continuation of it.

The passing of time is central: the poems are deeply immersed in the seasons in which they were written. But concerns ranging from the political to the personal are woven into the poems, which often cite news of the country and the world, including wars and threats to the environment, even as they address “my own him,” for whom the entire project is a kind of extended love poem.

From the beginning, thinking about time meant thinking about mortality; but as the title may suggest, this second volume is more elegiac, reflecting on both personal losses and threats to our human existence, while at the same time exploring the spiritual territory of the poetic meditative tradition on which the poems are to some extent based. Spare, oblique, suggestive, most of these “daily meditations” foreground language, challenging the notion that words can easily convey any truth, even as they attempt to delve ever more deeply into questions of time and mortality.

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