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Admit One: An American Scrapbook (Pitt, 2016)

Admit One cover

Beginning with the 1904 World’s Fair, Admit One addresses racism, eugenics, immigration and other related issues through a collage of documentary materials and lyrical explorations.

From Admit One

Fitter Families

Yea, I have a goodly heritage my mother
said her sister said the Bible said
and it does and they did we do but

that was also the motto of Fitter Families
for Future Firesides, contests featured
at state fairs using anthropometric

measurements medical dental vision
exams intelligence tests personality
evaluations of families some

with several generations as well
as eugenic family histories. The forms
had a blank for race (which could be Nordic)

and charts were posted with literacy rates
for Native-Born Foreign-Born Negroes
as well as birth rates for Native-Born Alien

There were also displays with flashing lights

This light flashes every 15 seconds
Every 15 seconds $100 of your money
goes for the care of persons with bad
heredity such as the insane, feeble-
minded, criminals & other defectives.

—and medals awarded to winners, which read:

Yea, I Have a Goodly Heritage

(first published in Copper Nickel)

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